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Full-Service Mailing Capability:

From Assembly To Distribution

Recent 2023 studies by the DMA show that direct mail’s response rate is at an all-time high. Average response rate is 5.3%. No other medium even hits 1%. Direct mail is a critical part of every marketer’s toolkit. The experienced staff at Heyman Mailing Service guides you through each step of your direct mail campaign, taking care of the complex postal regulations. Your marketing piece, statements or fulfillment job will get to the hands of your customers quickly, at the best postage rates, allowing you to focus on what you know best…your own business!

Mailing Services: "Critical Infrastructure" by D.H.S.

• Every Door Direct Mailing
• Targeted Marketing of Your Mailing
• Bulk Postage Rates
• Tray, Bundle and Delivery

List Hygiene Services

• List Maintenance & Correction
• Mail Merge
• Barcoding
• Address List Rental

Printing Services

• Postcard Printing
• Letter & Envelope Printing
• Flyer Printing
• Brochure Printing

Address Printing & Postal Barcoding

We use mail industry-leading software to fuel our high-speed address printing technology. Our barcoding and sorting process ensures that you get every possible postage discount.

Bulk Mail Delivery

Unlike national mail companies, we drive directly to your local USPS Distribution Center. This allows the Post Office to deliver everything up to 7 days faster, and makes it easier to predict the "in-home date."